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Poker by Chad Holloway (The Buffalo News Sept 6 2014)

Terrebonne poker players robbed at gunpoint (The Gazette (Montreal) Sept 3 2014)

Big-prize chess hits the Las Vegas Strip in poker gambit (The Telegraph Sept 1 2014)

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Pro Poker Player Daniel Colman Not The Least Bit Excited About Winning $15 Million (Huffington Post Aug 18 2014)

Can Atlantic City Overcome Its Image Problem? (Bloomberg Aug 14 2014)

How Washington Opened the Floodgates to Online Poker, Dealing Parents a Bad Hand (Newsweek Aug 14 2014)

Celebrity friends, a designer wardrobe and millions in the bank but then it all came crashing down: Confessions of a Hollywood ‘poker princess’ (Daily Mail Aug 14 2014)

Poker player’s bizarre reaction to winning $15.3 million (USA Today Aug 13 2014)

5 ways Poker can make you better at you job (Fast Company Aug 12 2014)

The Buzz: California Internet poker bills shelved again (The Sacramento Bee Aug 12 2014)

James Packer’s Crown Casino received the fastest approval in History (The Mail Online Aug 12 2014)

No more new poker licenses on Saipan after April 2, 2015 (Saipan Tribune Aug 11 2014)

Billy Pappas: An unknown scaling poker’s highest peak (Lowell Sun Aug 10 2014)

Record attendance expected for poker tournament (Times of Malta Aug 10 2014)

Poker column: When chips are down, remember value of bet (San Jose Mercury News Aug 7 2014)

Poker has a corrosive impact on the lives of even the winners (Economic Times of India Aug 6 2014)

Tips from the pros: Your ultimate guide to relative poker hand strength (New Jersey .com Aug 6 2014)

Bill to legalise internet poker in California dropped for 2014 (LA Times Aug 6 2014)

Former Tasmanian premier ejected from Crown Casino for licking his finger during a poker game (The Mail Online Aug 1 2014)

On poker: Bluffing a bluff leaves them guessing (San Jose Mercury News July 31 2014)

Award winning Indigenous Australian artist Alfred Lalara speared his brother through the nose after a card game got out of hand (The Mail Online July 31 2014)

You don’t need mad chops to be a poker TV star. You need a dump truck. (The Washington Post July 31 2014)

Vegas illegal betting suspects freed from custody (Washington Post July 29 2014)

Do poker players earn more than David Beckham and Roger Federer? (Mirror July 26 2014)

5 reasons why WSOP 2014 was something special (Mirror July 25 2014)

Californian online poker site launched by Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel (R Street July 24 2014)

Victoria Coren-Mitchell On Poker, Beating Phil Ivey, And Wearing Layers (The Daisy Cutter July 24 2014)

Revisiting the legendary 2012 WSOP Gaelle Baumann vs. Andras Andras Koroknai hand (San Jose Mercury News July 24 2014)

Zach Elwood’s Verbal Poker Tells Book will change the way you talk (New Jersey Times July 24 2014)

What successful poker players and entrepreneurs have in common (Entrepreneur July 23 2014)

The ABC of Poker (Economic Times of India July 23 2014)

8 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Poker Players (Business 2 Community July 22 2014)

Brazil’s Neymar raises stakes during poker game with friends (Mail Online July 18 2014)

Online poker & gambling company Bwin plans further cost cuts (Reuters July 15 2014)

Top 5 biggest scores by Brits in poker history (Mirror July 10 2014)

Louis Suarez bite – 888 poker site to review sponsorship deal (The Independent June 27 2014)

Bwin considering a possible sale (The Washington Post June 26 2014)

A poker tournament with a 1 million dollar buy-in? (Bloomberg June 26 2014)

Inside the underground world of a Poker Princess (The New York Post June 23 2014)

Poker Princess Molly Bloom to dish the dirt on her star filled games (The New York Post June 22 2014)

Revel Casino, Atlantic City sues for bankrupcy (Bloomberg June 20 2014)

Roger Ver, ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ call rich to tax free paradise (Bloomberg June 16 2014)

Norweigan Poker Championship held in Ireland, as poker is illegal in Norway (The Washington Post June 15 2014)

Isai and Mark Scheinberg, both billionaires after PokerStars sale (Bloomberg June 13 2014)

Amaya buying Rational, the group behind PokerStars & Full Tilt for US$4.9 Bn (The Washington Post June 13 2014)

Amaya soars by record 42% after PokerStars deal (Bloomberg June 13 2014)

PokerStars and Full Tilt poker to be sold for GBP £2.9 billion (The Guardian June 13 2014)

Toby Maguire a jerk at the poker table (The |New York Post June 11 2014)

How poker lost it’s soul (The Washington Post June 11 2014)

Poker player linked to criminals loses his bankroll as proceeds of crime (Irish Independent June 9 2014)

Online poker’s high stakes games is about market share not morals (UT San Diego June 6 2014)

Bridge Players Unite Again to Raise Money for Alzheimer’s Research (Reuters June 6 2014)

Black Friday Supergrass Daniel Tzvetkoff avoids 75 year jail term (Brisbane Courier & Mail June 5 2014)

Hollywood Celebrities Bet Big and Ante Up for a Cancer Free Generation at Tower Cancer Research Foundation’s Poker Tournament (Reuters June 3 2014)

Annie Duke poker champion explains why you make bad business decisions (Forbes June 3 2014)

Tribe says playing poker is like playing golf (Washington Times May 27 2014)

Top 25 Things to Watch at the 2014 WSOP (Las Vegas Sun May 27 2014)

New Jersey online casinos reassess marketing after slow start (Bloomberg May 24 2014)

Will Pokerstars be dealt out of online poker in California? (Los Angeles Times May 24 2014)

Tiger Woods plays poker not golf (Washington Post May 19 2014)

Luis Suarez signs for 888 (Yahoo Finance May 14 2014)

Legal Marijuana vs Online Poker? (The Oregonian May 9 2014)

Billionaire Casino owner Sheldon Adelson wages war to ban Internet Gambling (The Washington Post May 7 2014)

Ben Affleck’s checkered gambling past (New York Post May 4 2014)

Spotting Poker Bluffs (Huffington Post 8th May 2014)

Santa Maria’s Casiday, with defibrillator, wins poker championship (Presido Sports May 7 2014)

Meditations on the complex game of poker (Economic Times of India May 7 2014)

Poker Princess’ gets probation for role in $100M Gambling Ring  (New York Times 3rd May 2014)

Book review: THE NOBLE HUSTLE Poker, Beef Jerky and Death By Colson Whitehead (Washington Post May 2 2014)

Poker-Playing JPMorgan VIX Trader Wien Joining Och-Ziff (Bloomberg May 2 2014)

Millionaire poker player ‘Instagram’s Biggest Playboy’ doesn’t believe teen porn star was injured when he threw her off his roof (Mail Online May 2 2014)

Judge Sentencing Russian Mobsters Who Pleaded Guilty To Running Illegal Poker Games (CBS New York April 30 2014)

Poker player wins battle to not pay child support (BBC News 28 April 2014)

Councils step up crack down on illegal poker dens (The Observer 27 April 2014)

Poker has been dealt the right cards for a female-based boom (The Guardian April 25 2014)

How Europe’s first female poker champ made history and learned to compete with the guys (Time 23 April 2014)

What professional players see at the poker table. (Hint: More than you.) (Washington Post 23 April 2014)

Gambling Son Skips Mother’s Seders in Boca — Wins $1 Million in Poker (Jewish Daily Forward April 20, 2014)

Czech Government seeks more control & to boost revenue from gaming (Bloomberg April 16, 2014)

Crooked dealers, brawling poker players and other true tales from Md. casinos (Washington Post April 9th 2014)

Idaho sues Coeur d’Alene Native American tribe to stop poker games (Washington Times May 2014)

Host your own poker night! (Guardian Feb 7 2014)

At World Series of Poker, Ladies’ Event Struggles to Keep Out Men (Business Week May 29 2013)

The Science of Winning Poker (Wall Street Journal July 26, 2013)

Bank on women in a crisis (The Guardian August 25 2013)

Poker pros’ arms betray their hands (Science News September 17 2013)

Senator John McCain plays poker on his IPhone during a U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (The Guardian Sept 4 2013)

44-year-old man charged with killing brother after poker game goes awry in Flint, authorities allege (Michigan Local October 16 2013)

Hackers broke into poker pro’s hotel room to install ‘sharking’ malware (The Verge December 10, 2013)