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Some years ago I was working in Egypt. While there the Mena House Hotel and Casino held the inaugural King Tut World Poker Tournament.

They brought in a team of the best dealers from Las Vegas and what were then the top 10 poker players in the world.

Having been humbled on the first night, next day I was taking lunch on the balcony of the hotel golf club. One of the serious US players sat next to me. The three cigars in his left breast pocket caught my attention. I consider myself a strong character but there was something about him that made me feel inadequate.

Part of my preparation for the tournament had been reading a book on playing poker written by a UK journalist based in Washington. Having waded through the first six chapters being bored witless with poker tactics and techniques I gave up and watched The Cincinatti Kid on the hotel TV.

After my lunch I went back to my room and gave the book one more chance. The next chapter from where I had given up was about the legendary poker player Walter “Puggy” Pearson.

His trademark was to carry three cigars in his left breast pocket.

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