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    Manston Jack’s blog

    The three cigars in his left breast pocket caught my attention. I consider myself a strong character but there was something about him that made me feel inadequate.


    Interview with Cajerogesell, online player – Part 2

    Never stop checking your game, even if you're on a winning roll, when the session ends, review the tournament, check your hands, always keep looking for errors.

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    The Path of a Hero

    The arrival of George Smith was scheduled for 5:30pm and hotel managers were willing to receive him as a god, it seemed that the ancient practices of the colonial period have been preserved

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    Caribbean Adventure By Dominic Wells (Part 4 Of 15)

    At the top of the room, behind a velvet rope, is a treasure chest piled with coins, hundred-dollar bills and pearl necklaces.

Voices and Opinions

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    Man of Faith

    Sometimes his presence was as noticeable as a crocodile would be in the streets of New York and at other times he went as unnoticed as lying in the mouth of a politician.

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    The Need for Free Trade

    Unrestricted international trade benefits consumers, with lower prices and wider consumer choice. For online poker that translates into lower rakes, a superior choice of games, better suppor

  • jackpots1

    Why he Quit the Game

    'Five men of better nerve never dealt cards than the five who sat playing poker the other night in one of those uptown club-rooms that are so quietly kept as to be entirely unknown'

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    Mixing Online Poker & Alcohol: A Cocktail for Calamity

    Las Vegas legend Frank Sinatra famously said “alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.”


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Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott dies (The Guardian April 7 2015)

Dave Ulliott, poker champion – obituary (The Telegraph April 7 2015)

RIP Devilfish: Britain’s finest poker star Dave Ulliott dies aged 61 (The Independent April 7 2015)

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